Chris carries out a range of Consultancy work for a variety of clients relating to the trade, diplomatic, military and cultural aspects of India, China and Asia’s international, regional and domestic politics. Apart from providing expert guidance on the type of projects sampled below, this work includes the writing of bespoke Policy Briefings. Please get in contact to discuss your organisation’s specific needs.

  • (2021-3) Series Consultant / Expert Contributor for a Televised Documentary Series: ‘India: The Modi Question‘ (broadcast January 17 2023 and January 24 2023 on BBC Two, then BBC iPlayer and BBC Worldwide), BBC TV.
  • (2022) for a “Grey Rhino” Exercise: ‘Future Security Threats’, Office of Net Assessment and Challenge (SONAC), Ministry of Defence, UK Government.
  • (2020) for Policy Outputs: ‘COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database’, Knowledge Exchange Unit, UK Parliament [ongoing]
  • (2020) for Policy Outputs: ‘COVID-19 Register of Experts’, Scottish Parliament [ongoing]
  • (2018) for an Internal Policy Briefing: ‘Indian National Security’, South Asia & Afghanistan Research Group, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK Government.
  • (2018) for a Televised Documentary Series: ‘China’s Belt and Road Initiative’, Lion TV.
  • (2018) for a Feature Article: ‘Border Demarcations Between India and China’, The Alpinist.
  • (2016) for an Internal Policy Briefing: ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’, Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran (PAI) Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
  • (2014) for an Internal Policy Briefing: ‘Evaluating Greatness: the Case of China and India’, Commerce Division, High Commission of India, Singapore.