I am a Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor, researcher and author specialising in China and India’s rise to worldwide importance, and the study of great power politics, foreign policy and nationalism.  Based at the University of St Andrews, I work as a public intellectual who shares my longstanding expertise with a range of audiences, in order to improve their understanding of important dynamics in the contemporary world.

Building engagement on topics of global significance, I actively enhance our appreciation of current affairs in a compelling, energetic and interesting manner.  Driven by a deep curiosity and enthusiasm, My WritingPublic Engagement and Media activities collectively aim to enrich our awareness, knowledge and thinking as a society.  I am currently developing a range of ideas concerning Hindu nationalism, the political history of modern India, the rise of great powers, authoritarianism in global politics, and China’s coming world order.



School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, KY16 9AX, Scotland