(2017) Indian National Security (Delhi: Oxford University Press).  [out now]

‘… Ogden provides an elegant and insightful introduction to the complex dynamics shaping India’s national security policies.  It is a necessary primer for anyone interested in contemporary India’s nation building at home and expanding international role’ (C. Raja Mohan, Carnegie India)

‘ … if you want an intelligent overview of India’s national security, this dense, pithy volume is it.  Ogden keys us into the framing, drivers, challenges, and instruments of traditional and non-traditional security with sophistication and good sense’ (Kanti Bajpai, National University of Singapore)

‘ … wonderfully written with attention to detail without losing sight of the big picture, this volume will become the go-to book for students and scholars of Indian national security, and indeed for anyone with an interest in India as a rising power’ (Manjeet S. Pardesi, Victoria University of Wellington)

‘ … India as a rising power has evoked enormous interest, but there has been little guidance available for the beginner.  Chris Ogden fills a big gap in a unique fashion, employing a constructivist perspective in a literature dominated by standard realist approaches’ (Rajesh Basrur, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies)

(2017) China and India: Asia’s Emergent Great Powers (Cambridge: Polity).  [out now]

‘… with clarity & verve, Ogden demonstrates an extraordinary mastery of the subject.  His magisterial analysis makes a unique & invaluable contribution to the field’ (Sumit Ganguly, Indiana University at Bloomington)

‘… an indispensable guide to how the re-emergence of China & India will transform 21st century IR; … rightly argues (that) their distinctive political identities will shape their foreign policy’ (Ian Hall, Griffith University)

(2014) Indian Foreign Policy: Ambition & Transition (Cambridge: Polity).

‘… an excellent comprehensive textbook; … arguably the best introduction to Indian foreign policy available for readers today’ (Rahul Mukherji, Heidelberg University, in Pacific Affairs Review)

‘… classic textbooks are still rare, … a sophisticated, highly readable account … (that is) bound to become the new standard textbook on Indian foreign policy’ (Arndt Michael, University of Friedburg, in Political Studies Review)

‘… systematic & original, … required reading … for anyone who seeks a more profound understanding of the dynamics & drivers of India’s foreign policy’ (Simona Vittorini, SOAS, in Commonwealth & Comparative Politics)

(2014) Hindu Nationalism and the Evolution of Contemporary Indian Security: Portents of Power (Delhi: Oxford University Press).

‘… by far the ablest study on the Parivar’s priorities on Indian security.  His conclusion seems almost prophetic’ (A.G. Noorani, in Frontline)

‘… offers a detailed theoretical apparatus … (that) helps shift our understanding, … meticulous … persuasive … (and) convincing’ (Pallavi Raghavan, Centre for Policy Research, in India Seminar)

‘… until now much of the assessment of the BJP/NDA security policy has been impressionistic … Ogden’s work is a start in treating the subject with the seriousness it deserves’ (Rajesh Rajagopalan, JNU, in The Book Review)

Edited Books:

(2016) (ed.) New South Asian Security: Six Core Relations Underpinning Regional Stability (Delhi: Orient BlackSwan).

‘… makes a compelling case that there is a need for … a makeover in adversarial thinking.  Such Ogden-initiated thinking needs (to) be furthered through creatively charting the path forward’ (Ali Ahmed, in The Book Review)

‘… an alternative inter-subjective understanding of the South Asian security framework; … do(es) a remarkable job of underlining important theoretical strands’ (Medha Bisht, South Asian University, in Strategic Analysis)

‘… a welcome addition to the discourse on regional security in South Asia, … attempts a new approach that may inspire upcoming scholars & academics to explore unconventional methods in their studies & analyses’ (S.D. Muni, in India Quarterly)

(2013) (ed.) Handbook of China’s Governance and Domestic Politics (London: Routledge).

‘… an excellent handbook … I do not know of a book that better fulfills this goal, … (provides) a smorgasbord of concise, clear, engaging & accessible chapters’  (Teresa Wright, California State University, in Pacific Affairs)

‘… laudable & ambitious … heartily recommended as an introduction to a range of important topics, and as an excellent overview of the relevant issues & institutions’ (Jens Hein, Chatham House, in International Affairs)